Activate sponsored transaction

I activated sponsorship on 2 tokens (ROAR and XPAND) yesterday.

Probably i have to set better the amount per transaction or maybe I’ll disable it.

The problem is that Waves price fluctuate so you haven’t a fixed conversion rate in FIAT i.e. in USD and to fix it every time costs 1 Waves.

Also I don’t like this condition:

You activated the sponsored transaction. You have free - 3 Waves, in orders - 5 Waves and in leasing - 10 Waves. As soon as 3 Waves run out, the active sponsored mode will use Waves from active (unfilled) orders. In this case, orders at the time of the matching will be canceled, since you will not have enough Waves to pay the order fee or to ensure an active order. As soon as all free Waves are used, the sponsored mode will be forcibly disabled.​

I suggest to allow users to decide the amount of Waves avaiable for sponsorship, i.e. allow to reserve a fixed amount of Waves for sponsorship.