AirDrop Bot

Each new member in your Telegram group will be rewarded (once per user) with your tokens or Waves by Smart Telegram Bot.

Just add @AirDropSmartRewarderBot to your Telegram group.


Could you explain how it works? Added as admin but not work…

Thank you

Hi @AllMall! No need to make bot admin. There is a short list of available commands for group owner:

  1. In order to start in you group, private group or supergroup (not channel) just type /start
  2. In order to set reward per each member just type /reward 1 WAVES
  3. In order to start rewarding process just send some WAVES amount to address that you will get after setting reward
  4. In order to get your money back to your own wallet just type /withdraw 1 WAVES ADDRESS

In case you are new member and want to recieve your airdrop reward just type /reward ADDRESS

Notice. You may reward users with you own token, but still need some WAVES as fee. Now fee is 0.01 WAVES per each reward.

Please let me know in case you need some more explanation or even bot feature

did anybody use it? works well or not?

According to bot data in cloud there is no actual users. Bot was tested and it works good. But seems like nobody know about it. I am going to promote it a bit and tell you results.

По данным теста все работает без проблем,защита от мульти аккаунтов тоже показала хороший результат

How can we reward with our own tokens?
And can I set a different amount? Right?

for rewardign with your own token please use /reward 100 your_token_id
bot will create new address for your group afrer that
Please don’t forget to send your tokens as well as Waves to the address

yes, you may set any amount as reward

Hi Nicolay,
Would like to discuss a bot project.
Can you hmu on Telegram @wavesworldio


Hi sound good how can I add it to my channel
I just did and can’t remember how I did he.

Hi! Initial bot was replaced with “rewardEachDayBot”, but you can contact me in telegram as @Lipnevich and we can discuss bot for you

I go to this bot. I have only :


Dear T, please add me to your group in order to start

We are using other bot. Please visit and we will hook you up.

Waves World, which one?

Millionaires club pays daily airdrop thru node script.
We use tipping bot in our telegram chat

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Hi I have placed the bot in my Chanel, @Axaitoken can you please have a look if all is working with it as I have no way to tell.
Funds Axai and Waves sent.
Thanks Eric

Could you please contact me personally in Telegram @Lipnevich, I will be able to update bot for you

Hi can you explain why is the fee 0.01 waves as transactions normally cost 0.001 waves.

Sure, bot requires some cloud functions, and cloud functions costs some money. You can send your air drop manually and pay only 0.001 Waves per each transaction. You can also use our open source and launch your own bot with 0 additional fee.

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