Albedy Platform - Biopharmaceuticals in Waves Community

Greetings and best regards for all, my name is Diego Alvarado, I am a biopharmaceutical developer
and CEO of Alchemy Index, a company that is creating the first Democratic Autonomous Organization powered by blockchain to bring all the people together in a community driven biopharmaceutical innovation. Albedy platform made easy for users to create demand for future biopharmaceutical products as custom proteins or nucleic acids, or to submmit a petition for developing a new pharmaceutical. As example: imaging that you want to purchase a future drug that is tackling the aging process of your body, but no other pharmaceutical is trying to solve the problem. You create a early stage demand for a future development of an anti-aging drug within the platform. The users can raise funds to iniciate the process to create the drug and allocate initial funds into Alchemy Index Biotech LTD as intermediary to go through the further fundraising and product development and FDA approval. Since drug development is a very extense capital process, an initial cooperation with the future clients can make the difference to develop such drugs.
Another use of the platform is for sign a petition for the company to create a generic patent-free and inexpensive drug to be distributed for certain diseases, which can improve the way patients and pharmaceutical companies interact with each other.
The possibilities are greater now with this approach and we are taking the first step. We think Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are going to disrupt all the industries, pharma as well!

If you want to know more about Albedy Platform please visit for more information. You can purchase the Albedy Biopharma Token in Wave´s DEX

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