ARXR - token 2021-2024г

We continue to work in this area for more than a year!
And we have already been able to help many!
We may not be the best, but our team is trying hard.
There will be a lot of interesting things this year, and this will have a positive effect on our ARXR token and its holders.

We are preparing the emission of more than 15,000 tokens in 3 stages, we are releasing a small amount of tokens on the market in order not to become a Scam. What will help the team in cases of any failure to buy ARXR tokens from users,
at a market price of at least 1.00 Waves -1 ARXR.

Ps. Our team: Invites 30 ARXR token holders with an amount of 50 - 500 ARXR to the “ARXR Investors” group.

ARXR Investors Group will work with our team for 12 months.
As a result, they will be able to receive 10% of their ARXR tokens, each with a real opportunity to cash out ARXR tokens.
The group will gather in WhatsApp and Telegram.

If you have a desire to join, write in the Comments below with the note “ARXR Investors”.
What the group will do:

  1. Creation of accounts in social networks and advertising of the ARXR token.
  2. Analytics of lease and sale of land plots in different regions.
  3. Communication and discussion with the group.
  4. Help in the market.
    Additional information will be available during the interview.

Have a good mood, friends!

Example: I would like to participate in the “ARXR Investors” group

            Attention !!!

The issue will start from 04/28/2021 to 05/11/2021.
ARXR 5000 for the price of 1 ARXR - 1.26 WAVES.

Follow the news .

29.04.2021, 15:13:14 ARXR Token Now Sponsored

Good day. Friends, the ARXR token is not underestimated on the WAVES DEX crypto exchange. We invite you to take part in capitalization in the long-term storage of our token. The price is still 1.26 waves - 1 ARXR.
He will soon show his values ​​on the exchange. In the future, token holders will be able to mine this token on our platform. We wish you all success with us!

Good day. the emission has ended.