Creation of stablecoin based on the market value of precious metals

Hi, I’m from Russia and would like one idea.In my opinion, if you still create a new cryptocurrency,it should perform at least two main functions: the preservation of savings and ease of transfer ( even through mobile communication, by SMS)
Therefore, the idea is to create a crypt supported at the initial stage is not gold, silver, etc. in the form of ingots, and investment coins, which are also made of drag. metals’.
Let’s say we have a cryptocurrency ORO ( gold) it will be traded at the market value of the basket ( gold, silver and platinum ) taking into account the fact that in 1ORO : 0.05 g of gold, 1.25 g of silver, 0.05 g of platinum, under the given conditions it will be traded at the level of $4-6 plus there will be a
So, a person buys 1ORO, then the money that he credited goes to the “special Fund”, from which the accumulation of the required amount will be purchased invest coins ( trade will be open, I will decide what the owners of the crypt to buy and what to invest).The increase of about $0.4 will go to the insurance Fund ( for the development of the system)
First, have a 100% ensure,how many coins ( crypt)/released, so many coins bought with the accumulation of the required amount. Under the part of the crypt means that a person has to count on a part of this investment coin.
Second, bought for example at the price of invest coin for $500 and for the same price no matter how many years have passed,a person has the right to buy a coin for the currency ORO, taking into account the transfer price at the time of purchase.
Invest coins are constantly growing in price, and so, a person has the right to buy at least 5 years at the original purchase price,which is beneficial for the owners of the crypt ORO
Thirdly, why invest coins, the fact that the purchase of ingots is subject to VAT and there are nuances of buying, invest coins are not taxed and have free circulation in the market.
The fourth and most important thing is to create a system in which a person can manage his crypt ( send, pay) via SMS, where even a bad Internet.
Full and open accountability should also be a key requirement.
What do you think about this?