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I wanted to know, is the timezone correct for example at the page ?

Voting start : 1080001 (Jul 12 2018 18:47 UTC)
Voting end : 1090000 (Jul 19 2018 23:19 UTC, ~ in 37 hrs, 18 mins)

The timezone should be exactly what it says it is :slight_smile:

Let me know if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Small updates to the statistics page:
24h and 7 day generators page now correctly calculates numbers with sponsoredTX
Transactions page now shows massTX as well

30 day page calculations will be “wrong” for a while since the old and new way of calculating are totally not compatible. Will update this page after a while.

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Interesting. What about WAVES fees? Do they include WAVES miners receives from sponsored transactions?

Yes exactly
It adds 0.0004 waves to the generator and 0.0006 to the successor
and it no longer calculates the btc value of the assetFee to the total in btc
assetFee is still displayed for reference, this way the usuage of sponsoredTX is visible. The full “fee” is added to the generator only (since it is no real fee anymore anyway)

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30 day page has now also been adjusted

asset pages have been patched so they no longer execute injected scripts in asset description…

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Added 3 view levels to all 3 generator pages, and a 30 day visual indicator to the monthly page.

This way the assetfees are no longer displayed by default, which cleans up te pages a bit :slight_smile:

Page is still too long because of this line in the bottom:

Thanks, I’ll fix that :slight_smile: is not working also

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Thanks for reporting, should not happen again, bug found and fixed :slight_smile:


Hello dev, pywaves is not working again?

Maintenance from the ISP. So there is known downtime

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Hi Gizmo

Could you add my server name to Stagenet generators?

Address is ```

node = lokamondo

you can link back to pywaves as with the other nets.

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Also - I disagree with feature 14 - just sayin!