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thanks very much! appreciate

Hi my username is jelly007

Hi my username Rio999
I have signed up for your project
Thanks for 0.1 waves

I saw the new tasks feature, will it be possible in the future to use this feature to make an automatic faucet call?

Hey unheiliger,

sorry for the late reply.
Do you mean a faucet claim for yourself?

You will be able to create tasks for other members to complete and in a custom task, you could also ask someone to claim from a specific faucet.

I hope this answers your question.
Let me know if it didn’t :blush:

@muralisreekoti, @Jelly007, and @Rio999
I sent you all the 0.1 Waves, have fun exploring the features :slight_smile:

Weekly Update

OhKay, what a week!
This is the somewhat delayed and first weekly update.
I will schedule them better for the following weeks, look out for them on Mondays!

First of all, let me thank everyone who signed up to the early release
and helped me fix some bugs.
There are currently 160 registered members with verified email addresses!
Not too bad for the first week of the early release :slight_smile:

Here is what happened in the past week:

Bug Fixes
Bugs; and a lot of them!
Most of the bugs were just minor ones with easy fixes. I also found 2 medium bugs and
thanks to some community members one very big one, that was thankfully an easy fix too.
I am slowly phasing in a bug bounty program, that will reward the finders of
system critical bugs.

Server Upgrade
This was kind of a ninja upgrade, because I didn’t announce it to anyone, :stuck_out_tongue:
I saw some low traffic hours and just went for it.
The upgrade was done on Sunday and took about an hour. Everything went smoothly.
The site is still having a loading issue from time to time, but I figured out
that it only happens when logged in so I just need to narrow it
down a little further and fix the bug.

New Feature: Tasks
Tasks were released yesterday, which is one of the reasons for this late update.
For now, this feature is very limited, since it was intended to be used with
the H2OX Token, but I have adapted it to be usable with other tokens as well for now.
Members will be able to spend Tokens to create tasks for other members to complete,
such as a follow/like/retweet on twitter, join a telegram group/channel, subscribe
or watch a video on YouTube or anything they might want done using custom tasks.

What’s next

  • Mobile Support
    I noticed that one-third of visitors to the website are on a mobile platform but
    the page was not optimized for mobiles yet, so I will be working on that.

  • Token Creator Dashboard
    I will also be working on the Token Creator Dashboard, which will include the
    listing application forms for the different listing types and some more advanced
    tools for token creators.

  • Private Offering Details
    I decided to go with a private offering in order to set up a separate company
    for H2OX and hire some people to spread the work load and get things done faster.
    I will be creating different scenarios to figure out the initial funds needed to
    start with a reasonable runway and publish the best one with more details
    about the token, its uses, and more details on the private offering itself.

  • H2OX Token Airdrop
    An airdrop of 250.000 H2O is planned, but I am still working on the requirements.
    I thought of creating a Telegram bot for this (like RewardMob did).
    I would like to discuss this with some early members, so please discuss here or
    in the Telegram group.
    Withdrawal of the Token will be disabled at first, but I am thinking about allowing
    internal use of the token (please discuss this as well).

  • Leasing Pool Promotion
    The pool hasn’t been getting much attention and is still below the minimum
    generating balance so I’ll post it to a few relevant places and ask for some
    support from the community.

If you have any questions about anything I have written here,
please don’t hesitate to ask.

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I understood that the task will be done automatically, so you pay other users to do a task. Than this faucet thing could also work.

Thanks for the reply :wink:

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In regards to the leasing pool promotion wasn’t there also a offer from waves to support new nodes in the past? Perhaps you could ask them also.

Many thanks for this project.
I have signed up.
Username: mpolat12

sorry for replying so late!
A lot is going on right now :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, I will contact Waves about it.

@mpolat12 The event is over now, but since you are one of the earlier member and also tried before, I sent you the 0.1 Waves :slight_smile:. You are the last one though, enjoy the site and let me know if you find anything you don't understand.
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Weekly Update #2

This week was cut a little short, with the previous update being late and
the usual turn of the month company obligations, but there was still some progress.
There are now about 250 active members on the site, and it’s growing steadily.
Thank you all for joining!

Here is what happened in the past short week

Bug Fixes
As usual, fixing some minor bugs always seems to create more bugs, :slight_smile:
but thanks to the awesome members of the project helping me find and fix them,
bugs are getting a lot fewer.

Fake account detection
There have been some fake accounts created the past week, and although that would
not be a problem for a pure exchange, it is for H2OX, because of the faucets and tasks.
Since that is not fair to the token creators, who set up faucets on the site, I activated
the Anti-Cheat system.
I did set it up a little too sensitive, so if you signed up together with family members
or friends from the same network, your accounts might have been flagged.
In that case, just contact me and I will check and unflag you.

Leasing Pool
The pool started generating since block 1245616 with a balance just over 1000 Waves,
but forging its first block might not happen soon with this balance.
The pool promotion is still ongoing.

Waves Node Split
I have split the node from the project onto a different server to see if it fixes the
sites loading issue. We will see the results once I shut down the node on the project server.
As a plus, this also makes the node a little bit more secure since it is only accessible
through a private network IP.

What’s next

  • Mobile Support
    Optimization for mobile devices is still ongoing and will most likely be implemented in the next week because this week will be packed with a lot of other releases. :slight_smile:

  • Token Creator Dashboard, Private Offering and Airdrop Details
    The Token Creator Dashboard will be released this week together with all the info
    for the private offering and airdrop.

  • First Gateway
    Some of you may have noticed in the small statistics line on the top of the homepage
    (logged out state). that there are 8 gateways on the site.
    I was running the gateways for about 4 months during development and testing of the
    gateway software, which integrates any outside coin seamlessly into the project and
    therefore into the Waves platform itself.
    I shut them down because it was getting a little expensive to run 8 unused gateways.
    So I was thinking of starting the first gateway early, in order to test it with the
    If you have any suggestions on which coin to integrate first please let me know.
    I personally think ReddCoin is a good starter, its blockchain is light and it is used
    by many people on a daily basis, but that, of course, is debatable.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the stuff I wrote here,
please don’t hesitate to comment below or in the telegram group.

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Small Extra Update
After going on an intense Log-Dive I finally found the bug that was slowing down the site and causing the loading issue. (so happy right now :star_struck:)

Enjoy a fast loading and stable H2OX site. :slight_smile:

Somebody spread this

  • Is this about fake accounts for faucet milking?


Yes, that’s right.
Some accounts were locked by the Anti-Cheat system, but only because they signed up from the same network, which is ok to do.
The system just was configured too sensitive.

In the case of the poster, they used the same device to log into their accounts, but they contacted me and I still unlocked it.

I do this to protect the faucet creators and honest members.

If anyone else experiences this just contact me and I will check your account history and unlock it.
There were a lot of fake accounts created this past week, that’s why I had to activate the
Anti-Cheat system early.

I will try to unlock them manually by checking every one, which is a little time-consuming.
There are about 20 accounts that were locked.

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I guess my faucet went out of funds and disappeared. To “recharge” it do I need to create it once again? I can’t find it anymore

You can visit the faucet page (https://h2ox.io/Bellavita-faucet)
and click on donate to add more funds.

I created also a task but seems it’s not working (task 47). How can I edit it?

Weekly Update #3

Hey everyone,
I published the 3rd weekly update on Medium.

Check it out and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


username: cash22
send me airdrop

wallet: 3PAEPB85CR6dM1sAU5DNPQytyJ4ED2EZdrn