How to use the test RIDE

Hello everyone, i’m doing a project about blockchains and smart contracts for my university and I chose to explore Waves for that purpose.
I’ve tried to get a feeling for the smart contracts and DEX features of Waves but I coudn’t find a detailed explanation about them and how to start writing them.
I would love if I could get help as to how to use the test RIDE, getting started on smart contracts/assets or if anyone is willing to spare me about 30 minutes of his time so that I could ask him a few question over Skype or Discord or whatever platform one may want.
I speak Russian and English.
Thanks you all in advance,

Did you study the whole bunch of tutorials and still have questions?

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yes I have i still don’t fully understand how to use the test function and how to load Waves to a test account, plus i also want to use the node maven extension and also an explanation on how to use the DEX function.

You don’t need the full understanding at first steps, just make these steps. For example these:

When you meet the problem, describe it and ask for specific help.

To load Waves on your test account, just use: