Is processing of a transactions available/possible?

I also have a store on my Waves token page Would it be possible to set up a payment link, where when a payment is made, a message with download link is sent? Or, another example, when payment is sent to a specific address, that a percentage of the tokens sent is transfered to another address, while the rest stays at the destination address?

If this is not possible at the current state, will it be with the non touring complete smart contracts or will I have to wait for the touring complete smart contracts?

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They are just easy read and transfer api calls.
Checkout WavesJ or Pywaves.
They can read the addr, read a chain and do transfers, the logic around u need to build yourself tho.
But everything is available

Thank you. I was thinking of offering a coinflip game for my eFranken holders, as simple as possible. You click a link on my page, you enter the amount of eFranken you would like to bet, then send the payment and the randomizer runs. If 0 comes up, you lose, when 1 comes up, you get double back. Also, this app/script should have an admin page (is this possible?), where you can set the the token that can be played with (choose from all the 15K+ Waves token), the maximum amounts and the adress, where a 25% cut of the deposits are sent to as a license payment for the script/app.

How much would it cost to let this be coded?

Depends on the dev you gonna hire logically

Anyone willing to code it? If yes, please also give a quote.

As of now, I am trying to code it myself with Python. I found a randomizer script for Python, now I suppose I need to import PyWaves. Let’s see how this works out.

Importing PyWaves a pw works, also does the randomizer work for chosing between 0 or 1 and displaying an according lose/win message. The question is now, how do it get the script to react when a certain token is sent to a specified address?

The script should:

  1. Check if the maximum amount of the specified token is not exceeded;
  • If yes, only process the maximum amount, with the exceeding amount sent back at the end with a possible win
  • If no, continue
  1. Get the address from where the incoming specific token comes from and store it in a variable for the event of a win to be able to send the won amount back

How is this possible with the PyWaves interface?

Nobody? I’ll see if the PyWaves developers have time for support.

Last what you said was that you coded it yourself ;D
It seems no rocket science, send me a telegram messagr @Black_Turtle