kosarvkube service

ASTrone is a new unique coin, POS-generator of the
₽-stablecoin on the WAVES blockchain (≈5% monthly profit).
Investments in ASTrone upgrade multifunctional blockchain service.
“kosarvkube” - is a gaming investment and payment service of the tokenization.
ASTrone_Waves_ID: 8sjzi4otKssS34aYL6Cwc9rKQ5HXw9oKp8zXJaXa2VwR
Our main channel ~ t.me/kosarvkube
Our chat-group ~ t.me/sqam_tthk
Creator of the project ~ t.me/kvkadmin

Hi, a Member of the Big Game!
Our service offers to you the following features:

  • generous bounty distribution
  • daily draws of liquid tokens
  • bonus for inviting a new member
  • superprise every friday
  • trading
  • progressive algorithmic PoS mining ≈5% profit per month
  • draws to TOP holders
  • payment of bets in the Game, access rights to the Astro-service and to partner projects
  • long-term investment
  • crowdfunding
  • Become a representative of the clan “ASTrone” (add our surname) and get 0.02 ASTrone per week
  • etc.