On Page SEO Strategy

On Page SEO is a very vital part of SEO work. Before starting creating backlinks we need to do the on page SEO first. Following are are important on-page SEO factors

  1. Keyword Analysis
  2. Keyword Mapping
  3. SEO audit and bug fixing
  4. Title and Meta tag optimization
  5. Header tag optimization
  6. Content optimization
  7. Image Optimization
  8. Website speed optimization
  9. XML sitemap optimization
  10. Robot.txt file optimization

You can’t even imagine how many SEO strategies there are, and I can’t say that there is one strategy that is the best, but sincerely most of all, I like the SEO strategy of grownomics.com.au. I use their services for promoting my website with online courses, and I can say that it worked. I had to give them some keywords that were backlinked. This method made it easier to find my website on searching systems, so whenever someone was searching something related to my website, they could easily find my website with courses on the first lines in Google.

Do you have any suggestion about local SEO stratagies?