Please explain the migration to

Hi, I just opened an account to see that I am being directed to download a new app & migrate all my coins to, since I didn’t see a lot on here about it I am kind of wondering if it is some kind of phishing attempt or if there is anywhere on the forum here that people are talking about this. Thanks!

Its okay, just follow the instructions. You can even enter you private key, which is more secure, than entering seed phrase

Thanks! Still kind of hard to understand what’s happening, also seems like still has people downloading the old wallet, so it’s a little confusing, but I just noticed this… haven’t heard anything about it & it seems strange that something so major wouldn’t already have a thread on here somewhere, with details…

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They are much more active in telegram channels lately

So, once you have the app, then you can enter any old account key & it will be there or is it necessary to go through the DEX to get your tokens moved? Thanks!

Actually it is not necessary right now. You can do any transactions with old dex until Dec 2. But after that date it is recommended to use new app with migrated account as old dex becomes deprecated. Anyway, on Dec 2 all orders will be cancelled and you have to place them by hand on new matcher

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Здравствуйте.Загрузил через WavesDEX приложение,один белый экран.
Кто нибудь уже переехал,как у вас?

Last I checked there was no function or ability to see your wallet on
It just shows the address of your wallet in the corner & a few links for FAQ & support & news. It would be nice to hear someone say that this a new interface to access your wallet on the waves blockchain & you will be able to access it in the same way you always have, without any additional steps, it looks like that is what is happening but it is still not completely clear to me.

It means you migrated successfully. After Dec 2 it will work