Sportcash One AG - NFT Marketplace & Tokenization / SWOP pool is Open!

Sportcash One AG is a Swiss registered Company
Founded and operated by Top Athletes, Sports Business Executives, and cutting-edge Tech Developers, SPORTCASH ONE is the blockchain solution for the sporting industry. The revolutionary SconeX Token allows fans, supporters, and speculators greater access to sporting stars, clubs, and ownership than ever before. Our Sports DeFi capabilities, NFT marketplace, Custom Wallet and Decentralized Exchanged (DEX) leverage tremendous network effects, with truly innovative blockchain technology to align stakeholders and reduce existing friction within the sporting ecosystem. Our SPORTCASH ONE social network boasts Olympians, World Champions, and International Athletes across all sports, interacting, engaging, and sharing on our network. Blockchain and crypto technologies’ prioritization of transparency, accountability, and access guarantees maximum value for all participants and stakeholders. Monetize your engagement, profit from your support and love of the game, tokenize your team, while interacting with the exploding crypto and blockchain space and it’s ascension within the already massive sports industry.


Hi SPORTCASH ONE community!
The big next step in our roadmap is IEO stage, and we are excited to announce that our token sale will be held on ProBit Exchange! Listing of SCOneX token on ProBit Exchange is also confirmed after the end of the IEO.

ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange that only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security which supports hardware security keys and a customizable user interface.

Probit exchange IEO for the SCOneX token round 3 is Open !

Join our social network and start to earn SCOneX tokens for be active at this link

Learn more about Sportcash One and test our others products at this link

Custom exchange and wallet


#buildonWaves #SCOneXgamechangers

Sportcash One partnership with Panxora Venture Capital


Withdrawal function opened now for the SCOneX tokens on the Probit exchange !
you can trade on Waves exchange, deposit your funds

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Breaking News:

Sportcash One signs historic contract in the sporting industry. Today our team signed the intention of partnership agreement with Innocenti Industry group to tokenize the motorcycle company Lambretta.
Lambretta is an iconic brand, famous the world over for typical Italian motorcycles designs.
In the coming weeks, we will sign the full contract and define the action plan.
The first customers are always the harder but we start with a great one! Onwards! :checkered_flag::zap:

Some new Bet gaming where the community have added the SCOneX Token … good luck !

Building the fundament for our future NFT marketplace.
Sportcash One signs ground breaking contract with Automotive Industries. Automotive Industries will sell exclusive NFTs of their rare Auto magazine editions and mint exclusive NFTs of new releases


We will start a new voting on next week on Tuesday for list the SCOneX token, on you will be able to farm other tokens by staking your SCOneX, you need to have SWOP tokens for voting, we see this listing as an important step for us for getting more traction inside the waves community. There will be a Big airdrop of SCOneX tokens to all the voters, so is also a good way to geting more sconex. We need the help of all the community !

Sportcash One is part of the world biggest Sports tech Accelerator with more than 40 Brands, clubs and Federation involved and bringing awareness to all the Waves Ecosystem

SWOP FI voting for the SCONEX token is ON
with a big airdrop of SCOneX token for Voters

The SCOneX pool on is open !
add liquidity and farm $Swop via staking $SCOneX