The entire waves platform is a snake hiding in the grass

As I said I in my other post, not an outright scam but has the same genetic make up. Instead of flat out scamming these sites use creative bugs and hidden features and purposely left out docs that in the end have the same effect as a scam.

Just look at the damage control and promotion posts from people with 4 posts… All these new russian ID’s and a few posts later they have elaborate white papers and reasons why you should trade here. Its a all fucking scam like the DAO. Another non working app that was poorly thought out and quickly implemented and they are saying the same things as the DAO scammers. That this is just experimental and you should read how to use it and the risks.

Another signs of a scam is to follow the listings there. Like mny and co eval. Both of these are being promoted by the same type of people and both have suffered tremendous losses under this platform.

Waves is a scam, the assets under it are a scam and the people you see with follow ups and promotions are all part of it.

What is wrong with you, did your g/f leave you?
Otherwise please put some examples next to your accusations

the are plenty of examples, i’ve fallen victim to a few and also have a wallet full of them. lets try thing’s like Amoon, Surge, AoraEX, Savings, Benz,, wodlton, Tmining,Royal token, Wbet the list could go on and on. let alone the amount that have been sent that don’t go anywhere or do anything, the is a high level liquidity crisis in the market and not enough investment to unknown tokens to make a decent business, and plenty of scams about. i’ve got a wallet full of tokens they have sent that are blatant none entities. waves might be better placed to create a liquidity asset for tokens.that can be exchanged for value for waves, that you can convert into actual cash for a project, but i don’t totally know how you’d successfully make that happen. and the would have to be some kind of rules to this, because i’m holding illiquid tokens that you can’t do anything with. blatantly illiquid and trapped former capital, they need a way to free some money up with some kind of liquidity token like they allocate the liquidity to the market with these tokens when they are purchased by buyers, how do you even make this work on the mass scale, the are so many tokens, that you’d need loads of the liquidity token to make this work, and probably sell at less than pennies. probably some kind of sell higher system that when they buy the asset with the token, they sell the price of the token they bought at a higher value and the profit they burn or something to reduce the supply of the liquidity token. something random like that. the rules would probably be that you can’t reissue the currency, that X amount is allocated depending on supply, that they will only buy and support the price at 10 X in some cases 1000 X the value, (depending on supply) that the idea holds some weight and possibility of prosperity. waves is not very good at helping token creators either, this unverified status damages them as well, due to the liquidity crisis within the system. i’ve got a 100,000 supply token you can’t really put the liquidity price at 1 for 1 that would be pointless it’s gotta have some kind of value mechanics and it’s unlikely to happen, but maybe the could be a charge to issue some liquidity with the value mechanics, but not full charge but a standard charge and then value mechanics to process the rest like amount of tokens, to supply calculations to price of the liquidity token valuations. Say they issue a standard charge of $100 for value mechanics and that $100 does the calculations and put’s in a moving buy wall so the asset is not totally valueless and does not collapse. something creative. i’d pay $100 to get a calculation done on value mechanics to be able to make my asset liquid. the $100s go to supporting the price, and hopefully that will mean the liquidity asset won’t collapse. could imagine the value mechanics will auto trade algorithms that push the price up or down depending on supply held on any token on the market when you buy the mechanics for $100, and calculates to supply of the asset to make sure you get a decent value out of that, and others can then buy into the liquidity token to trade that token as well, which will help the currency not collapse.

Coul you break your speech into paragraphs? It’s hard to read a wall of text.

i’ve just sold some Esports tickets and i’m shadow banned on facebook, but i’m well happy i’ve succeeded in selling some tickets. for my tournament. still waiting for investment into my project though. and no i won’t put that into paragraphs just suck it up.