The Decentralised Global Store Value System. It is a tangible assets-backed crypto. It aims to tokenise companies and hard assets mainly real estates all over the world using a single crypto, thegreatcoin or TGC.
-Decentralised: no body can stop TGC system.
-Global Store Value System: system to store value for global society.
-Store Value: Everything that has value, tangible or intangible can be stored on TGC, replected by its price. Everything that is exchanged for TGC means you store that on TGC System. Based on this mechanism, TGC is the first Crypto in the world that has intrinsic value as it is backed up by tangible values.
TGC will be managed by “PT TGC”, an Indonesian Private Company. “PT TGC” incorporation is still being processed by a public notary. PT TGC Will not charge any fee directly on TGC. The Operational Expenses will be paid by founder and Thegreatcoin Foundation.

Thegreatcoin Foundation has missions to promote some priorities:

  1. social welfare
  2. healthcare
  3. education
  4. sustainability of operations of PT TGC.
    Thegreatcoin Foundation can accept donations from TGC holders in TGC.

Here is the summary of TGC:
100%: 1,000,000,000,000 TGC has been issued on on 19 February 2018 under name: Thegreatcoin. It is founded by Mamat Rohimat, SE, MM, an Indonesian Citizen.
75%: 750,000,000,000TGC Will be used to tokenize any company and asset all over the world. The company/ asset tokenized by TGC , then be tangible assets of TGC.
25%: 250,000,000,000 TGC is held by our founder.
It will be allocated for some purposes:
-5%: 50,000,000,000 TGC for him as Founder.
-15%: 150,000,000,000 TGC for Operational Expenses.
-5%: 50,000,000,000 TGC for Partnership, Bounty Program and Thegreatcoin Foundation.

Twitter/Telegram/Instagram/Facebook: @thegreatcoin

Further information can be read on:

We will tokenise any Assets in the world to make thegreatcoin valuable. for the start, we tokenise companies with illustration as follows:

Assumed: equity value of your company : Euro 50 millions
IDR/Euro: 16,274

  1. Your company value IDR 813,700,000,000
  2. TGC price now: IDR 400
  3. Tokenize your company with TGC, you get TGC
    =2,034,250,000 TGC
  4. We Will send the TGC immediately
  5. You are as our partner, will stay manage the company independently
  6. As you are CEO, you can take salaries and bonus, normal as long as justifiable to TGC holders.
  7. We will make agreement stated that your company has been tokenized by TGC, means will be underlying of TGC
  8. The name of shareholder still use your name. So you will be secured.
  9. You will be invited to private group of business Partners, so you can make Partnership or cross selling between members
  10. As you are now TGC holder, you have exposur on business that TGC has on all Business Partners.