TippingBots for Wavesbased Assets

Hello everyone!
Today I want to introduce the tippingbots to you.
You might wonder what are those bots?
They allow you to give any user a small (or big) amount of any asset you want.
It’s available on telegram, Slack and ofc Discord.
On telegram just add @WGOTippingBot to any group or talk with him private.
To have your tipbot installed on your Slack instance feel free to contact me.
To get started on the waves discord issue the : “/tips” command.
When you have question feel free to contact me or Hawky.
This bot is a joined project from Hawky and BlackTurte.

On the video below you can get an idea about the tippingbot.

Fun fact: the tipping bots made over 60k transactions already.


Thanks for sharing! Definitely an opportunity to add value to the community.

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