Tradecoin (Utility Token): "A new Revolutionary Complete Blockchain Ecosystem for Crypto Tokens and Crypto Coins"

Continuing the discussion from Tradecoin (Utility Token): "A new Revolutionary Complete Blockchain Ecosystem for Crypto Tokens and Crypto Coins":

Here is another good news that the circulating Supply of Tradecoin token has crossed ~21.51 millions in last 40 Days:

So Tradecoin has announced to give 4th reward or free airdrops of Bitcoins and Waves to their stakeholders for their good faith and trust in Tradecoin vision of crypto’s ecosystem: 7. Tradecoin_Bonus Distribution_23.12.2018.pdf (26.6 KB)

And Balance has been processed in mass to the rewarded Addresses.

As per above attached pdf list rest addresses has been omitted because we have considered only Top 100 addreseses for it

  • Currently Tradecoin team and its major percentage stake holders has been excluded from the benefits of distributed reward.

Note: We will not consider the faucet address for distributing reward their directly, to claim it individual must hold it in their own waves account. As Tradecoin holders list is increasing it’s better to maintain maximum stake holding in Tradecoin to redeem more coins and tokens in future.

What you can do with these rewarded coins and Tokens given by Tradecoin?
Either you can Buy more Tradecoin tokens to have more stake in it or you can spend it on others tokens or you can hold them in your account. It’s upto you.

Why Tradecoin is distributing rewards coins and tokens in free?
Well we are not giving it free, it’s only for tradecoin holders who trust in the Ecosystem of crypto’s and as Tradecoin wants to build an ecosystem for Crypto coins and Tokens (as per our whitepaper strategy). And BTW we are not taking anything from you for this. We are just giving and sharing it. So enjoy and have maximum stake holding of Tradecoin.

Best Regards,
Tradecoin Team

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Technical Documentation : WhitePaper
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