Under Currents | Secure Blockchain Messaging

Over 1.3 Billion Under Currents in Circulation


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UnderCurrents Token is a Secure Blockchain Verified Worldwide Instant Messaging Platform. Users are able to buy UnderCurrents Tokens, so they can send global encrypted instant messages without having to pay Outrageous International fees to your cellular or data providers. Users send as littles as 0.10 UCS to proper Wallet Address & add message in the description then push send. Under Currents Cost as little as $0.001-$0.06. Other Major Cellular Provides like AT&T, T-Mobile, & Sprint charge $0.15-$0.25 for every Outgoing International SMS. We believe people should be able to communicate without limitation, while being able to gain value. Undercurrents are more secure & faster than emails, plus every message is attached to a blockchain ledger crypto asset so you gain value with every message received. Unused Under Currents can be sold back to the Administration or on Waves.Exchange

Who uses Under Currents? Everybody, but Mainly Multinational Enterprises, Amazon Sellers, eBay Seller, Small Business, Technology Companies, Financial institutions, Oversea Family Members, Non-Profit Organizations, Affiliate Marketers, & People Who Travel Frequently.

Never worry if the receiver gets your messages, all messages are anonymous, secure, & blockchain verified for guaranteed delivery. Under Currents is the Worlds 1st platform that allows users to earn money sending or receiving messages.

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