WaveFlow — dApp exchanger

Hi, @AGAToken!
Yeah, right now it’s only possible to pair up with Liquid

Hello, @juandavidaristizabal !
In order to create an exchange, you need to have both tokens(Dimension Z and Liquid) on your address.
Is this condition met?

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Hey @jaguartoken
Thank you!

Good dApp but it’s a pity to have allowed the pairing only with Liquid. I think it’s a big limitation.

I hope you extend this function to other more popular cryptocurrencies or fiat such as BTC, ETH, USD, EUR.

Hi @Angry_Panda_ROAR!
One linking token can be very useful for further development,

It is already working for me, thanks!

In the future will you be able to exchange your custom coin for bitcoin?

Hi @jzurawski275!
The restriction is introduced for possible further development of the system. One option, however, is to create arbitrary pairs

What do you need to be able to click exhange token to liquid. I try and set it up but the create exchange botton does not work. Do i not have enough wave tokens to cover the fees?

Hey @jzurawski275!
To create exchanger you need have your token and Liquid on the account

how much liquid? I dont need the same amount do i? There would be no point exchanging one token to the other if i already have both amounts.

I am not trying to buy liquid I am trying to echange my crypto to liquid you should not need any in the account if you are trying to exchange. The hole point is you dont have any and you want to some. I guess I am confused why I need them if i am trying to get them.

@jzurawski275 I’m sorry about the inappropriate answer.

To make a swap one token to another you need only to have the specified number of tokens in the “You pay” field and 0.005 WAVES as fee.

If you have any more questions, I’d love to answer them in PM.

awsome i think i am short waves for the fees. So if i lets say wont to switch btc to liquid just have to have the btc amount plus fee? thanks again

@jzurawski275 yeah, you’re right

Error: Request has been terminated Possible causes: the network is offline, Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin, the page is being unloaded, etc.what does this error mean?

It also still charged me for the fees and it did not work, is there a way to get a refund?

and also why are the prices not updating for echanging the coins to?

Hi @jzurawski275
I’ll contact you in PM

please i need help i would like to know if it is possible to restore the wallet created on the computer pc restores wuindos on the android phone