Worst update ever

This update of Waves Exchange 1.9 it’s ruining all of us dream . Why? Because by making assets verified and unverified you basically kick the 99.9 percent of assets out from the market, and this is not fair. The alternative is to introduce KYC. This update hurts badly not only my business but also thousands of other assets.

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I agree with you.

It’s hard to get people close to the Waves Exchange because it doesn’t already have a good reputation in itself and, in my opinion, showing all these warnings icons scares even more a trader approaching Waves for the first time.

By doing this, unfortunately, you don’t get the result of protecting the traders but you get the effect of making them run away. Who wouldn’t be worried and scared looking at hundreds of warning symbols? They must absolutely be removed …

Instead, just create 2 trade folders, one for the Primary assets and the other for Decentralized assets and add only 1 warning symbol for the latter folder.

The choice of the words used is also very important and should be reconsidered. Calling “unverified” assets gives the impression of unreliable assets, which also affects the reputation of the exchange which by association becomes an unreliable exchange because it is full of unreliable assets.