IJKINI is a token based on the blockchain system and blockchain media.ijkini’s name was born from an idea that revealed the progress of blockchain technology in the present.ijkini was born to those who want blockchain to become a more powerful system in the media, such as media for payment and purchase via blockchain, like other online media, but ijkini will make token-based exchanges, no longer ordinary currencies.we will continue to develop and make proposals for collaboration with several companies to make partners in the development of IJKINI tokens in the future.
IJKINI Want to make an understanding for everyone about how the blockchain system works. About how blockchain dominates the global market. We put the idea into a token named IJKINI. What we believe is that we will make it easier for others to understand the blockchain system for the future. We also send questions such as community, business, etc.
#Token Information

Token name : Ijkini Token
Symbol : IJKINI
Decimal : 8
Platform : Waves
Total suply : 89.999.950.000
Assed ID : 5koso3ZScTDRAfyxD6GcXFhoo6fmZ5uL59quVDeAEXX
Ijkini token price
1 ijkini is 0.02 waves or 0.022$