Category Topics

Core Development

Via Core Development section users who got some technical knowledge can share their opinions and proposals with full explanation and examples in regard to the implementation of some features within the Waves blockchain. Also, feel free to spread the word in case the user’s feature has been deployed already and just have the opportunity to support technical conversations.
WavesPlatform’s team members are active on the forum. Be sure we will check everyone’s post!

Tools and SDK

By using this thread you can request new features and discuss already existing ones that are related to official Waves products: Online Client, Desktop Client, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, and browser extension Waves Keeper.


Any kinds of ideas in regard to our project, in general, are warmly welcome in the following category!

Leasing Pools

All leasing pools can be found in this thread.WavesPlatform's users who want to lease their WAVES assets can choose an appropriate pool based on their purposes. Also, feel free to ask a node operator any questions or just discuss any certain leasing pools in this place.

Full node

More than 340+ have been deployed worldwide and this quantity continues to grow, we would be pleased in case you decide to contribute to the decentralization and run your own fullnode. By joining a conversation in this thread, you can ask for assistance by skilled developers and nodes operators in case of any difficulties while creating a node and just meet new people!

Waves Enhancement Proposals

The purpose of this category is to publish proposals for improvements in the Waves ecosystem

Community Projects

We are pleased to see many new projects based within the Waves ecosystem. Via "Projects" thread, you can spread the word about your, service, products or applications based on Waves blockchain.

Technical support

This is the place to ask for help about anything related to the Waves products.