BoxiNode. Lifetime Rewards

The offical token of


Name: BoxiNode
Token ID: ​EgdXZCDja5H54dQqvY1GbJEjJ4TzpNtBsj45m1UmQFa2
Supply:​ 10,000,000 (ten million tokens)
Decimals:​ 3
Re-issuable: ​no (no inflation)

How to get? Buy at Waves DEX. Or lease to node, address: 3P2cC7cwEwnz4z6RFyx7DWnWCtTHBcaL53P. We distribute 100 BoxiNode per mined block.


Total Supply: 10,000,000
Team: 1,000,000
Initial Investor: 2,000,000
For promotions: 1,000,000
Airdrop to lessors: 5,000,000
Initial coin offering: 1,000,000 tokens.
1 stage: by price 0.002 WAVES per token till 30 October.
2 stage: by price 0.003 WAVES per token till 30 November.
3 stage: by price 0.004 WAVES per token till 30 December.

DEX exchange: All WAVES from ICO will be used to promote leasing pool. Therefore increase earnings of holders.

Bonuses of Token

For hold at least 300 BoxiNode you will get 10% of WAVES fees earnings and 30% of MRT node's earnings.

New airdrop for leasers, 10 WAVES and 110% payouts. Check this topic: or site:

Link telegram or twitter?

Hi. There’s a telegram group:

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Additional to last airdrop. There’s a twitter campaign now. Check it there -
10 BoxiNode per retweet and join telegram group

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New payment for leasers and holders:

i have given lease of 0.0001 waves from my account

New payment for leasers and holders:

Airdrop is still active: