Can anyone tell me why such a high memory consumption

of the new version 0.14.7 of the waves node when synchronizing the blockchain?

In addition it is spending 100% of the ram and ends up for lack of memory

In the latest version does not have this problem, is anyone here going through this?

I just tested version 0.14.6 and it is normal, but starting version 0.14.7 it consumes all the features of my server!

Hi! We will check the information.

What is the information?
Help me, I still do not understand why this version spend all the RAM

We are working on your report now.
I can advise you to download the state. It will work ok.

We made comparison of importing blockchain by 0.14.6 and 0.14.7 - there is no difference.
We can suspect that you’ve changed Xmx setting. It should not exceed the half of your hosts RAM.
Otherwise Java will use all RAM you set in Xmx and will never return it back to the OS.

Look, I’m synchronizing the blockchain of Zero. My operating system is Debian 9 The VPS. It has 4 core, 12 GB of RAM, 100 GB of SSD and Internet 500 Mbps. I just installed the Java through the Debian repository and downloads the .jar binary and the waves-mainin.Conf of GitHub and set up, when I try to start version 0.14.6 It synchronizes normal without exceeding 4 GB of RAM, already version 0.14.7 spends all the RAM. This is problem I’m having and I can not understand why because it happens!

Please try to add -Xmx option before -jar parameter.
Choose size depending on your host RAM.
If you have more than 4GB use -Xmx4096M, if you have 4Gb use -Xmx3072M etc.

java -Xmx4096M -jar …

Thank you very much, I will try this solution here, then return if it happened it’s okay.

Excellent is working now, could you add this information in the documentation?

There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue. i need more RAM :thinking:

Hi, Any developer there to give feedback on this?

Yes, we will add this information to the documentation.

Please specify, what feedback do you need?

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This is not how Waves works, this is how Java works:

Advanced reading:


Just this will even add to the documentation, thank you.