eCreditCoin: Coin for webmasters and affiliate marketers. Proof of stake rewards. More. (WavesPlatform ticker: eCredit )

What is eCreditCoin? eCreditCoin (WavesPlatform ticker: eCredit ) is a token that works on the WAVES platform. The coin also exists as an ERC20 token as well, under the ticker of ECRTT. So, eCredit exists in BOTH blockchains, and will continue to do so, in order to service its ever growing community.

The primary purpose of eCredit is to monetize website traffic in the form of banners. If you have a site or blog, you can earn eCredits by showing banner ads. All that is needed is to paste a simple HTML code. You can also advertise your own websites, links, and products, too, as described inthis ad setup guide.

Proof Of Stake Rewards

You can earn weekly rewards:

In the WAVES blockchain:

  • People who hold 10000 or more eCredits at the WavesPlatform.Com website will earn around 1% weekly rewards.

In the ERC20 blockchain:

  • Work in progress, stay tuned

Coin Details (WAVES blockchain)

Token Name: eCredit

Asset ID: 2i1K7tCEFcawe1iqwjnCXGknBvE62piVmXHcTpbgrHDu

Total Supply: 1024 Million eCredit exist in the WAVES blockchain.

Decimal Places: 8

Coin Details (ERC20 blockchain)
Total Supply: 3800003800 ( 3800M ) tokens
Full details here.

Project Links

eCredit Website

eCredit WhitePaper

eCredit Exchanges

eCredit Twitter

Telegram Group

Wallet (WAVES address is also the eCreditCoin address)


BitcoinTalk Thread

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I have more than 300 ecredits in one of my Waves wallet. I have received rewards in the past but now nothing comeā€¦

As of September 2019, people holding 10000 eCredit or more in their WavesPlatform.Com wallet will earn weekly 1% proof of stake rewards.

WAT Node will be distributing 50K eCredit, check them out!