How long until founding a block

Hi there,

I set up a full node on December 9th and it has been running 24/7 since then. I have 1,400 WAVES leased to it and 3 WAVES on its own wallet for a total generating balance of 1,403 WAVES. It has been like that for about 5 days but I haven’t received any MRT or WAVES. I understand that with such a low amount of waves I shouldn’t expect profits right away, but maybe I’m missing something. Approximately how long does it take for a full node with around 1,400 waves to start generating something?

My WAVES address is 3PEBdQCnP79M8cuYEnv7BofDVwrDqimrMUj (Wavey Journey Full Node)

I can see it listed on dev.pywaves, running version 0.14.7 and with P2P open.

Am I missing anything? Thank you for your help.

Wavey, a small hobby node

Bom dia, você está oferecendo sua piscina em algum site? Quais são as taxas de premiação para quem alugar as moedas?

Good morning, are you offering your pool on some site? What are the reward rates for those who rent the coins?

Yes, this is the address: for leasing: 3PEBdQCnP79M8cuYEnv7BofDVwrDqimrMUj
Rewards depend on how much you lease, checkout my leasing pool post for rewards details:

Let’s calc!

How many blocks in a month? ~1440 (for a day) * 30 = ~43200

What is the total size of the generating balance now? = ~51M = ~51000k

So the chance for 1k Waves generating balance to find a single block for a month = 43200/51000 = ~85%

It means you can expect 0.85 blocks in a month with 1k Waves generating balance.


Awesome! Thanks for the math, I think now I understand better how it works. :slight_smile: