Marketdata deprecation + Migration guide

I want to get 24 hour volume of a pair (e.g., WBTC and WAVES).
But, following URL showed not found.
Would anyone help?

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Thank you.
It worked for WBTC and Neutrino (DG2xFkPdDwKUoBkzGAhQtLpSGzfXLiCYPEzeKH2Ad24p), but not worked for other currency such as Liquid (7FzrHF1pueRFrPEupz6oiVGTUZqe8epvC7ggWUx8n1bd) or Bankcoin (APz41KyoKuBBh8t3oZjqvhbbsg6f63tpZM5Ck5LYx6h).
It showed ‘not found’

Just switch amount asset and price asset. Also some pairs are disabled by matcher settings

Thank you.
For Liquid, worked.
For B@nkcoin, neither nor worked.