Pools sistem is oudated a few years ago

And finally I’m here. Hello everyone!
There should be balance between usability and profit for nodes and no place for leasing. Just true money from the real nodes can bring it up but not the pools with leased waves. Pools already got a lot of profit and like we all see with no any reason. For now any lemmy user can run a node without any problem. Pools sistem is oudated a few years ago.

As you know big pools was got a hundreds thousads $ (net profit) for last two years just because Sasha supporting huge pools but not the decentralisation.There we are lost our fees for the real stacks.

If you are monitoring the situation you should know. Huge pools selling MRT (not distributing it to the lessors) just buing (buyback) own shitcoins. But… it’s about 30% only, everything else is on the net profit of pools. That shit is going on two years about. What to do if on you own node is 1k or 100k the real waves? Nothing, just forum.

Another point it’s you distribution of Nodes Community. Some nodes with 1k waves got in first time 15k and in second 35k it’s ok? What should to do the owner of real waves? Then you’r wondering why waves is dumped.


When I lost the time when platform for ppl is turn to the platform for pools? Few years ago, I know nobody was listen me and here we are.

Every few second the pool is got the profit from you TX’s with the leased waves on it from you. That is what we are waiting about POS?