Promoting Your Token, Part 3 (CLOSED)

Hello Waves Token Creator,

This is our Third offer in the coming of Redfish Distribution Payout., We will include your token to distribute to our Redfish Holders in the coming December 25 2018.

List of token Distribute before:

Redfishcoin will Distribute its Payout in the next 6 Days, and we offer you to Promote your token to our Holders. We will include the details once it is done.

PM if interested.

Our Address; 3PQeT7ayanjvH4Ab5nRvxvJQqiGuWQRv34F
about 50+ or more qualified Redfish Holders will Receive your token,

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Dear @Redfish ,
We are again interested with Redish Promotion. 2500 Tradecoin send for promotion purpose.

Best Regards,

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ok good

“READ attachment - Messenger Token of WAVES” wants to participate.

500 READ attachment are sent to your address for distribution.

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You are part of the Distribution, Report will be given after the distribution!

Hello Everyone,

Here is the Monthly Shares Report, Kindly read the report!
Your token has been given to the holders also!
If you like what we do, you can clap on the article and start holding 50 Redfish to earn monthly Shares

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