Staw.Finance: Creating ➝ $WAVES Scarcity


Staw.Finance is a community-served protocol, facilitating $WAVES scarcity, tokens stakes, credit facility and commodity market at defined entries. Staw.Finance is a Tech-development of BFI FISHFACTORY LTD.

What is STAW?

STAW is the governance token of Staw.Finance. It creates a secondary level-scarcity for $WAVES via DeFi-staking. By staking, we mean locking WAVES within users wallets via a DApp to mints STAW Tokens at defined Ppy & Sf*
STAW ➝ STAked Waves

How Dapp will works:

In an instance, where a user locks WAVES for a defined Ppy — Periodic Lock Per Year (e.g 7 Days). The user is instantly minted with STAW tokens according to stated Ppy. The user’s WAVES is locked for the stated period within user’s wallet. The Scarcity Factor Sf is an unlocking period of 7-days after the locking period and can be claimable intermittently or at end of unlocking period. Sf = Ppy = (365/Days)

Minting formulae: Mf = {(Dt*Mr)/Ppy}*Cw
Dt = Daily Timestamps = 86,400,000 Millisecs
Mr = Minting Rate = 0.00000001 STAW
Ppy = Periodic-lock Per Year = 365/Days
Sf = Scarcity Factor = Ppy
Note: Scarcity Factor (Sf) is the unlocking period in timestamps, measured in days after the Ppy. Sf = Ppy.
Note: The Locked Waves is claimable intermittently or at end of unlocking period.
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Proposed Utility

#1. STAW Tokens, creates secondary level scarcity for $WAVES.
#2. As governance token, STAW is use to make proposal changes via voting.
#3. As governance token, STAW is used as collateral for credits (loans) facility.

During Pre-phased: Our team released the staking dapp on 5th, October, 2022, after over 8 months of building and testing.

Token Specification

Asset Name: STAW
Asset Ticker: STAW
Asset Decimal: 8
Initial Supply: 5,000,000 STAW
Accessibility: STAW can be minted or staked by community via DApp
Dev Incentive: 20% Per dApp Mint
MVP Dapp:


Mintable Tokens: 3,400,000 STAW
Staking Reserve : 1,000,000 STAW
Dev & Marketing: 500,000 STAW
Proposed ILO Sp: 100,000 STAW

Proposed Products

#1. Staking DApp (Custom Tokens) — Live
#2. Scarcity Dapp — Coming Soon
#3. Credit Dapp — Coming Soon

Community Action

The STAW token has joined the ongoing WX.Network Token Creation Contest, We ask Community members to vote for STAW in good faith.
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