WaveFlow — dApp exchanger

and also why are the prices not updating for echanging the coins to?

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please i need help i would like to know if it is possible to restore the wallet created on the computer pc restores wuindos on the android phone

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I have a few questions. Do you somewhere have a better explanation of how this works and especially how for example pricing will be calculated? And how can one get listed or do they have to add their own exchange? Also, I tried to the platform but can’t login. When I click on Login Waveskeeper it says “Api rejected by user”.

Hello, @kkhas! sorry for so late rasponse)
About api rejectecd. I suppose you once decline the message from keeper. Try to allow waveFlow in settings


About pricing

The exchanger will calculate the price based on keeping the product of tokens constant
Imagine that exchanger have 10 tokens A and 100 tokens B.
Their product equals 1000. If you offer 1 token A, the new number of token A on the application balance will be 11.
In order to keep the the product equal to 1000, the application will give you tokens B based on the following formula
(10+1)(100-youGet) = 1000

youGet ≈ 9 tokens B

in order to create your own exchanger you need to log in using a keeper and press “Create new exchanger” button.

I recently created two “Exchanger”
Emeralds / Liquid and Virtual gold / liquid
But they don’t work for me.
You know why?

Hey @darkwaves!

It’s working right.
but you set a commission of 100%, so you don’t get tokens back when exchanging.
You can delete and recreate the exchangers in the “My Exchangers” tab.

Hi there, I am interested in using this solution extensively. Can I setup a “pool” / trading pair between USDN and AGA? I get this now: There are no two different assets on the balance

Hi @AGAToken!

At the moment, the creation of trading pairs is only available using the Liquid token.

Hi Everyone, I would like to pair up Axai with Liquid,
some instructions would help.

o site https://waveflow.xyz/ caiu? ou nao vai existir mais? tem 2 dias que nao funciona.

o site https://waveflow.xyz/ travou? ou haverá mais? tem 2 dias que não funciona.