Waves Client Feature Requests

Great idea imo.
WCT vote for trustworthy nodes, and then show a reversed list, with the smallest trustworthy node on top.


Replace Coinomat Gateway with something useful and fair.


Hey there, maybe its possible in the future to safe drawings and indicatorsettings in the chartwindow? after each login you have to do it again. if you are a trader, you dont want to do every time the same chart analysis?! thanks

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Hey there, recently on the waves dex, a lot of potential projects are facing huge challenge of having their tokens mimicked or cloned though they might have different asset ID, but most newbies endup trading tokens that are counterfeit.

I would suggest waves integrate the same algorithms used for domain name creation into token creation where there would be no repetition of familiar token name.

E.g if I created a token called Auct token, no one else should be allowed to use same name (exactly) to create another token.

They can as well create a token called “Auct” but not “Auct token”

Thank you


This would make name rare, people could claim names, projects that die there names will never be able to reuse anymore etc etc etc

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nice suggestion…prob a few loopholes still but great thought :raised_hands:

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you can add “transfer all fund” features to wallets i think, but it will be very easy for hackers so it need a password, but that transferin all funds to another wallet option can be good for a person who wants to change his/her wallet adress,

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There are four common types of orders for trading. They are market order, limit order, stop order and stop limit order. Unfortunately, our DEX doesn’t have these features.

I know the team has worked on it at some point, because I spotted this in a slide from one of Sasha’s presentations. Are we going to have these features?


We were considering a making this features. And they needs a huge volume of the rework of the Matcher. We will come back to this questions a little bit later.


Technically limit order is the only order implemented in DEX. The huge rework of DEX is on its way. The new team to work entirely on DEX assembled. They started with fixing some discrepancies in DEX. First results will be released soon.


Would you consider adding Pie charts to portfolio tab for better visualisation of the assets? Something like exoudus.io wallet has.

It looks like infographics and in just a glance you get the information you need. I would suggest to have it at the top of the screen so when you switch from assets tab to portfolio tab, the space that’s occupied by price graph in assets tab would be occupied by a nice pie chart in portfolio tab. And of course below we keep the list of assets as is at the moment. How about that?


We need a ‘confirm’ message when buying or selling any coin on DEX. Most exchanges ask you “Are you sure you want to place a buy order for XXX at the rate of YYY?” before placing a buy or sell order. I know people who have sold coins on DEX when they actually wanted to buy. It’s a mistake. Everybody can hit the wrong button by mistake. So having this warning button serves a good purpose.


Ability to insert a personalized image of your token created? It does not solve the problems, but the token creator could start identifying with this image and the token defenders could do the same. If a clone occurs, people would know that token1 and image1 are one thing, token1 and image2 is something else, but nothing prevents you from reusing the same name.
If someone wanted to take advantage of image1, they could put a unique key in it or the token to correct image1 to ID Token. I do not think we should get this, it would be enough to create your own token with the possibility to insert your image and the involuntary PNL will do the rest, ie the brain will associate token1 to image1 and might consider more token1 image1 reliable rather than token1 image2. Anyone who does not know NLP will search the Internet.

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Adding a token logo is already in that list under “Assets” paragraph.

However, to be honest, it’s just a plus because you need always to check the name.

I think it is easier to verify the uniqueness of a name rather than a logo in an automatic process. Maybe I wrong. The developers could give us a more consistent opinion in this regard.

Few days ago some new traders downloaded a scam app, from google play (?), because there was the Waves new logo and graphic, even if the name of the author wasn’t WavesPlatform.

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The token logo I can not insert it, I do not know how to do it, nobody can help me. My project is very far from being acceptable, but I do not see why I can not insert my personalized token logo here.

You are definitely right.
There is also this fraud.
However I did research and it seems that Google really wants to close the play store, I do not know the reasons but from there in the future there will not be to worry.
You’re right in this too, but it’s clear that the cryptocurrency world will continue to spread for a long time. One day it may be necessary to make a wallet understandable even for my grandfather, from here the images have great impact on the public and lamente, obviously the technical part is something else. The wallet and cryptocurrency should take the step taken for PC operating systems, today the PC also uses my grandfather but when I was a kid you could use it only if you had some knowledge on the subject.

I apologize for my bad english.

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I’d like to propose including of Key features that will dramatically improve waves use by business entities or special groups. Most of these are borrowed from Ardor blockchain which has similar roots with Waves so I’ll just link to their features list for detailed reference https://www.ardorplatform.org/ardor-child-chain-feature/account-control

  1. Account control
  2. Secure messaging
  3. Phasing
  4. Voting
  5. Data Cloud
  6. Sharding

Just to re-emphasie, blockchain has now approached a phase of rapid business adoption
and blockchains with these features are going to have increasing demand. I believe it is important to secure Waves growth by looking into these features.

If necessary, we can open up bounties for the world to provide pull requests for these features to both accelerate development and increase waves developer community which is critical for business uptake as they will need lots of Dev support.


Customizable filters

What do you think about customizable filters? With cusomizable filters I mean the possibility to create and save own filter systems with different parameters

For example filters for different dollar values of your stack [<500$, 501$- 4999$, >4999$] , only coins which you bought on the dex or whatever else comes to your mind. The more customizable, the better!

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@tatiana Adding a Beep sound whenever a transaction is send or received in his/her account will help user to make attention.


This one will be rather hard to check, since it would mean a full blockchain check every time, to see if some coins were bought ;p