Waves Smart Contracts. What to Expect and When

There are many projects being developed on Ethereum, from multi-sig wallets to sophisticated e-commerce platforms that aim to replace marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with a decentralised model.It’s gonna be awesome.

The first version of non-turing complete contracts to try out are released to testnet, mainnet is scheduled for July. We plan to sufficiently improve them pripor to release, stay tuned.
Details can be found here: https://docs.wavesplatform.com/technical-details/waves-contracts-language-description.html

More sophisticated turing complete smart contracts system is to be developed through 2018.

I have been asking this question, that what is the essence of smart contract? But to me I believe it’s the ability of any tokens created using waves blockchain technology , be moved to another exchange and initiate transaction. If there is any answer to this question of mine, please me know.

depends on what you’re asknig.
smart contract is a program that runs across all network.
first version of waves smart accounts will by capabilities resemble bitcoin scripts, e.g. just protect account’s funds