Waves token freezing

Hi, i can’t find anything about smart contract token freezing, is it currently available on testnet? I was looking in tutorials and docs, and i only found that it is possible, but couldn’t find any example.

PS. I made this post yesterday, and today i have my account blocked for response, what’s going on? I can only edit…

PS2: Freezing from this article: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-smart-accounts-and-smart-assets-3382d76bf76b

PS3: That’s quite mean from the team to block an account after only one question on the forum, without any explanation…

yes, Smart Accounts are on Testnet.
What do you mean by token freezing?

Ok, i have my account unlocked, here is what i’m talking about:

Do you want to freeze all tokens or only tokens from one account? I think to freeze all tokens is only possible with smart assets. But smart assets were removed from code, see Smart Assets / AssetScript documentation

So it wil not be possible to send a transaction with tokens locked for specified period?

We consider enabling it in in future, but the plan is to activate Smart Accounts first.

I my case i wanted to make a ICO-like service, when one account will create an asset, and send it to another account(client who want to make an ico), but in parts. Each part will be unlocked after some period of time. For example, 1st after month, second after 2 months etc, so the ICO is not immediate, but in parts. Something like eos ico. Will it be possible with smart accounts?

Will it be possible with smart accounts?

No, this will be possible with smart assets

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: ---------------------