Wavescap Node

Pool name: Wavescap Node

Address for leasing: 3PGobRuQzBY9VbeKLaZqrcQtW26wrE9jFm7
Alias for leasing: wavescapnode

Website: www.wavescap.com

Leasing return: 100% fees & 95% block reward

Payout frequency: every 9400 blocks

All payouts: wavescap.com/payouts

Pool Representatives: Lennart (@EinsZwo at Telegram)

Location: We are going global baby, starting from Germany

Feature voting policy: We let our leasers vote on how the Wavescap Node should vote for new network features.

Other Details: Wavescap.com provides a constantly rising amount of useful tools for everyone spending time in the Waves eco system. We had our node running for quite some time to gather data for Wavescap services. The Game of Node encouraged us to make it public. We would use the funds we could potentially win in the Game of Nodes to improve the quality of our services and add even more tools! Help us to continue providing an awesome and free to use tool to enhance every users experience at the Waves Platform! Lease to us!


your Wavescap Team!


Hey leasers and supporters of Wavescap,

We want to let you decide on how Wavescap should vote on the activation of WEP4, block reward.

We distributed 100 wavescap-wep4 tokens proportional to leasing amount to all addresses that had active leases to our node at block 1,711,200.

For voting YES send your wavescap-wep4 tokens to alias
wavescap-wep4-yes (3PD9cZ8YWVxm8NLSRdqb8pZiJt6GbzrR2iM)
or to
wavescap-wep4-no (3P6YZXj7f1CrJqAbMqpJRWRc3nesmi7Fi7V)
for voting NO.

We will count all votes till block 1,719,500 and set our node to vote according to our leasers’ decision!

More information to the new fetaure:

Thanks for supporting Wavescap!