Вы принимаете Волны в аренду? ставлю ваш адрес - говорит неверный адрес… как так?

Try again and more carefully copy/paste the address.

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Payment #16 :kissing_cat:

Payment #17 :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey, I have lease to you since 11th of this month, how long will it take to start receiving payout? since i have not receive any yet

Hello @yomilad How much amount of Waves you are leasing ?

20 waves, too small for @WavesFunnyNode ?

@yomilad For me is not but for node is too small (not only for my node, for all)
20 Waves for 1 year leasing ~ $2 Waves or MRT
(my calculation)

I’m leasing to many other nodes and you are the only one not paying out to me, so please write it on your page hear the limit not to be lease to you

@yomilad All payments are public, before saying lie, check do you do something wrong
(If you want PM me with wallet address and i will check and post it here the result)

I received your reply and decided to post it here so that small leasers like me too can see and won’t waste their time leasing their small waves to you. Please write the limit in your description.

"Hello, just check all data. Yes is try you dont get any payment from my node to this date

All calculating payment is doing WavesLPoSTools from https://wavespool.hokusai.ch (tested and is working) at now this amount is too small for my node and for 17 days leasing with this amount is impossible to get payout

At this moment my node is mine 25-35 block for 30d ~ this make 2.18140000 Waves reward for the node and half reward take who lease more waves and with this amount have more % to help generating blocks

to dont lose time read all information how waves leasing work to understand me.

The WavesLPoSTool only get information who leaser is have yearned they reward and then is sending it
(simple explained)

This is not my fault you dont get payout. I cant change the Waves code for leasing to you generate with this amount blocks for short time and get more rewards.
If you want lease your waves on biggest nodes or others. i will not be angry or others stupid things".

No problem :wink: :clap:

Payment #18 :kissing_cat:

Payment #19 :woman_cook:

https://status.junkynode.com/ :100::question::roll_eyes::white_check_mark:

Payment #20 :man_scientist:

Payment #21 :mermaid:

Payment #22 :heart_eyes:

Payment #23 :100:

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Payment #24