WEP 4(rev.2): Block Reward and Community Driven Monetary Policy

distribute DEX fees to nodes (partial)

The DEX fees have always been distributed to nodes (the matcher keeps less than 20%). No idea where that myth came from but it’s been around for 2 years or more.

I know, idea was that it should continue :slight_smile:

I see voting’s already happening. How many attempts will be done for voting? 1-2-3 circles? If not accepted by that time maybe we should consider separate proposal of fixing cost of transaction in other currencty, ie in USD and minimal transaction cost equivalent could be appointed by voting?

Ie minimal fee is 0.001 waves but also fee must be minimal in fixed min fixed currency price (which could be fixed daily based on previous day’s transactions). For instance min fee in USD should be 3 usd cents (0,03 USD). Meaning that if 0,001 waves is not 0,03 USD at the time on commencing transaction, fee must be increased accordingly.

This type of approach could be done in transfer/masstransfer/exchange transactions if they are not part of script.

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I would like to ask a question: With MRT dist, there was a change in the algorithm so small nodes had an advantage over big nodes (i think MRT were sent only for first x blocks). Will small nodes lose this advantage with block reward?


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basically yes, as there is no more incentive for small nodes - the only small bonus is from node program. Considering late support of 3 nodes with total of 2M waves, these 3 nodes will be showing most “lease profitability” so we might see some changes on lease attraction to these 3 nodes. But of course it depends on how well are lessors aware of the fact and actually wish to ditch decentralization.

prolly best option would be to support small nodes with bigger amount of waves than 15-25k, but it depends on amount team still can lease.

MRT could have still its role - if node has it, Waves team could lease some amount to those nodes in some proportion. Cause right now as MRT is being ditched in future we will definitely have issues with credibility behind decisions proposed. Especially as lessors cannot cast their votes directly. I still believe that choice which was done by 81% of votes, most of lessors not even aware of the fact that such vote happened or for what it was voted. And we will be discussing again options on how voting should be done in future - as right now decisions are basically done by node owners.

I really don’t understand that the max and min is been removed out of this idea.
This means that it has no limitations of Improving the max amount of waves.
In the article that they provided this means that waves can have a max supply of 8 billion tokens. What is more then 99% of what we have now.

I liked the idea with a min and max of amount of waves, where node owners can vote for the amount between those area’s. Now I have my doubts on it…

It is not attractive anymore when we get 30 waves for each block over 10 years :frowning:

Can we still change it with a minimum and maximum amount of waves per block ? or no minimum and 8 waves per block as a maximum ?


Yeah, a great! Thank you