YouTubeCoin™ (YTB)

YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) Now Listed On LastCrypto

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YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) Now Listed On ANSWR :wink::chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:

Join the Telegrams channel and send the address to this post. @login in telegrams / Waves Address on the Waves Platform from other exchanges addresses will not work because there is no support for assets.

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YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) Now Listed On CoinDalin

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I suppose the coin will be a means of instantaneous payment for numerous youtubers worldwide and it will support Youtube development

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Faucets YouTubeCoin™ (YTB)
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 1 hour
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 2 hours
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 6 hours
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 12 hours
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 24 hours
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 48 hours
YouTubeCoin™ (YTB) every 72 hours

White Paper YouTubeCoin ™ (YTB) is now forever in Blockchain Waves

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It looks to me like cranberry )))

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Sounds quite strange and I can’t get it completely.
As it’s quite obvious it’s not an official Toutube’s ICO and hence it’s quite impossible from the legal point of view to launch it. Somebody, please explain me this.
And how it is connected to the platform? Can it be as useful as standard tools like this one Or it has no use aside from the currency price?

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