2 briliant ideas looking for Founders

Dear Colleagues.
Perhaps you know that I have been in Waves Platform community for a year and a half. Someone of you may know me personaly.
With some of you we had talks in slack and telegramm from very begining of Waves.

I have two ideas for projects on the Weave Platform.
The first idea is a service for gamers.
The second is a service for investors and traders.

Both interesting and promising.
As you may know for now I’m busy with TrustAmust Platform for Waves most of the time.
But I would not want these great ideas to go unrealized.

If you have professional skills. If you are an enthusiast of Waves Platform just like me.
If you want to start implementing the idea on Waves and do not know where to start, you have a great opportunity to do it.

I would like to be on the sidelines in these stories. As a partner, advisor …
I have over 10 years of experience managing web development projects.
I will be ready to use this expertise for the benefit of these projects.
I would also like these projects to become one of the pilot projects on the TrustAmust Platform.

If you feel the strength to marathon - write to me.
You should have the skills of market analytics, or marketing, or development, or networking, or have the investment to pay for these projects.
Something you may invest. Time, skills or money. Becouse you will be a Founder.

Write to me directly at telegramm @aresstokrat

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