2 payment in one go


I would like to suggest a double payment.
For example
You pay 100 tokens to a specific wallet and the payment splits to 2 part at your choice.

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Can you use mass-transfer transaction to do this?

I Did, I know about mass transfers.
What I try to explain is I would make a payment to one one wallet but it will split in 2 wallets @t the rate you will choose.
So $20 total pay and 5 gets payd to a wallet of choice will have to set up choice wallets before.
Sending mass is good from home but on the go that will be a choice to set up in wallet you can call it sponsor… Thanks Eric

And what it the use case for this?


You ferry or taxi lined up with schedule.
So you has a customer you King therefore you get to go @ any time and taxi number 3 gets a cut cas he lost you has a client you see hard to type that… But useful so all party happy client got is ride taxi got payd and ather taxi got a cut so he happy also client stay king… Thanks

You can also use masstransfer for this case. Transfer rate can be implemented on client side