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3VCOIN – a new token for global payments and transfers with the ecosystem.

3V Group Ltd. is a licit company based in England. Our main point is to create a global cryptocurrency, approachable for everyone and everywhere. We know as hard and long process it can be, and we prepared a good point to begin.

As a result of the observation of local markets, an idea was conceived to expand the company’s activity by cooperation with British enterprises.

We decided to launch an internet platform which would help the Poles in the UK find service and retail points hitherto unknown, where they would not need to show any command of English. The website will be a great place to create an ecosystem, being reflected in the real market, in which people who pay for different types of goods and services every day will be able to easily use not only cash or payment cards, but also a modern and convenient payment system and the currency which they will be able to use is the 3VCOIN.

UKpopolsku is the portal, from which we will begin our operations in the UK. Most of the Poles do not speak English fluently. Our website helps them and those who have just arrived and will facilitate their adaptation to the new country of residence. With the help of the portal, every person using the Polish language will be able to instantly look up the nearest shop, employment agency or dentist who speaks Polish. In addition, they will be able to familiarise themselves with the offer of such companies and place their own advertisement in a special section. In turn, the companies will be able to present not only their contact details but also give a broad account of their offer, current promotions or announcements, and advertisements. All of these will, therefore, create a website uniting the community of buyers and sellers or entrepreneurs offering services. Moreover, the portal will be enriched with an information section containing a daily account of the most important news, nationwide and from individual regions. Short and concise articles will provide clear information about what is currently the most important in the UK.

The main goal of the ventures of 3V Group Ltd. is to create a payment global system. We have called our system "SmartPayment" because its key is the simplicity of use with enormous service potential. SmartPayment is not only an application used to pay for goods and services at all points accepting 3VCOIN as a medium of payment, regardless of the country in which the transaction is made. This system will enable users to communicate with entrepreneurs in a simple and direct way with regard to their offers and services, saving time for both parties. In an easy and transparent way, and most importantly, in an instant, the user will be able to order a specific service within a specified period or check the availability of goods in a given store. In addition, the SmartPayment application will be equipped with convenient and clear currency exchange, thanks to which the user will be able to decide whether to pay in 3VCOIN or in the traditional currency of a given country.

The lack of fees for transactions or monthly commissions, in contrast to payment terminals, will constitute a great advantage for cooperating companies. In other words, the only fee payable by an entrepreneur for introducing our system will be the one-off cost of its installation. Such service and retail points will be able to lower the cost of running one’s business, which can be effectively translated into increased profits, or lower prices of products and services, and as a result, also increased competitiveness.

The cryptocurrency exchange, which will be an integral part of SmartPayment, will streamline the flow of cryptocurrencies even more, and make it easier for the users to exchange cryptocurrencies for official fiat payment methods. A very low, fixed commission on each transaction with a favourable rate for the user will constitute an additional competitive advantage of our currency.


We want to enable everyone who buys a package on our site to earn extra money. We have made available seven types of packs in which investors receive tokens, a percentage from participation in the profits of our company and additional advertising services on the currently created UKpopolsku.com website.


The packets with shares will be only active up to 20 mln tokens sold.

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