A programmatic way to query/generate Gateway/deposit addresses

For our apps, it would be a great help if there were a programmatic way to create/get the ‘deposit’ address for an account for BCH/ETH/etc… This would be very powerful for topping off wallets and integrating with existing services without rebuilding our own gateways. We’ll never get our users to cut-and-paste correctly, and it’s a pain topping off our hot wallets.

Something like:

POST /addresses/deposit/{asset, i.e. zMFqXuoyrn5w17PFurTqxB7GsS71fp9dfk6XFwxbPCy, etc.}

“address” : “1B5guq7FhySk2ozuk1Ektq4TdUVQSGP6Fj”,
“asset”: “zMFqXuoyrn5w17PFurTqxB7GsS71fp9dfk6XFwxbPCy”,
“hint”: “BCH (BCHABC) Deposit address for 3Ms6h8d3Wa6jX15hdyHCgFK4kK5fkWBYXFE”

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