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By using this thread you can request new features and discuss already existing ones that are related to official Waves products: Online Client, Desktop Client, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app, and browser extension Waves Keeper.

Some minor rules:

  1. Do not break general terms and conditions of the Waves official forum: Forum rules
  2. Do not ask for assistance related to Waves products here. In case of any issues, feel free to join: https://forum.wavesplatform.com/c/technical-support
  3. In case you request a feature to be implemented and deployed on any of Waves products, try to explain the following highlights:
    – why the whole ecosystem will benefit due to its adding?
    – why it is important to do or not to do so?
    – if it’s been deployed on another blockchain, try to provide some examples
  4. Don’t create duplicate topics, check whether there are already existing topics with the same subject which you would like to create. In case the answer is “yes”; then feel free to comment on a topic which is created already, there’s no need to create another one.
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Please delete waves client and clear the wallet sache so
You need to delete thr waves
Client folder under this path
e/user/yourusername/app date/roaning open any folder
And paste %app data%in the
Address field?