About the Community Projects category

We are pleased to see many new projects based within the Waves ecosystem. Via "Projects" thread, you can spread the word about your, service, products or applications based on Waves blockchain.

Some minor rules:

  1. Do not break general terms and conditions of the Waves official forum: Forum rules
  2. The following details must be mentioned while creating the first post:
    • The name of your project or asset should be mentioned in the name of a thread while creating it
    • Describe your project in detail: its purposes, future plans, development milestones, the point of view on its future by the team members, the main highlights concerning internal economics of a project and asset's use cases
    • Don't forget to attach all important links such as: an official website, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram community groups, Discord / Slack, Github etc
  3. Bear in mind that it's allowed to spread the word only about Waves-based projects. All 3rd party advertisements are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated!
  4. It's prohibited to post duplicates eg. considering the situation when project's owner is holding an airdrop currently, he can't create a topic about it in Projects and Airdrop threads simultaneously

Good day. I fully support the rules of the forum!