About the Core Development category

Via Core Development section users who got some technical knowledge can share their opinions and proposals with full explanation and examples in regard to the implementation of some features within the Waves blockchain. Also, feel free to spread the word in case the user’s feature has been deployed already and just have the opportunity to support technical conversations.
WavesPlatform’s team members are active on the forum. Be sure we will check everyone’s post!

Some minor rules:

  1. Do not break general terms and conditions of the Waves official forum: Forum rules
  2. This topic is only to discuss proposals and any features of Waves
  3. Don’t create topics with development problems. For this, we have separated “Developers”; section: https://forum.wavesplatform.com/c/developersplatform.com/c/developers
  4. Just the same with technical issues, for all types of assistance in regard to it feel free to use “Technical Support”; section: https://forum.wavesplatform.com/c/technical-support
  5. Don’t create duplicate topics!
    Be sure to check whether there are already existing topics within the thread related to your subject of discussion.
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