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I created an account on your platform on Thursday 23/8/2018.When I entered on Friday it was required to enter
the password. From Saturday untill now the only way to have access to my account is to enter Seed phrase
(15 words).Is this the correct way to enter? Why am I not getting the option to enter password as I could in the beginning ?

In your instructions we are suggested to pay attention to the URL address. Lately, I was advised to download
the desktop application (for more safe) but there I can’t see to URL address https:/
I see only waves client. That’s why I prefer to enter with the on line client. Is it safe?

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it is safe

also seed phrase is needed to open your wallet in online client, not your pasword

Download from official site, and dont install fishy tools and then the standalone is even safer

So the password is not needed fm now on?

you can find more info here: SEED and password

When registering your account, you will be asked to save your secret phrase (Seed) and to protect your account with a password. On normal centralized servers, special attention is paid to the password, which can be changed and reset via email, if the need arises. However, on decentralized platforms such as Waves, everything is arranged differently:

  • You use your wallet anonymously, meaning your account is not connected to an email account or any other identifying data.
  • Your password protects your account when working on a certain device or browser. It is needed in order to ensure that your secret phrase is not saved in storage and that attackers cannot gain access to it.
  • If you forget your password, you can easily create a new one by using the account recovery form via your secret phrase. If you lose your secret phrase, however, you will have no way to access your account.
  • You cannot change your secret phrase. If you accidentally sent it to someone or suspect that scammers have taken it over, then create a new Waves wallet immediately and transfer your funds to it. Do not forget to save a new secret phrase when creating a new wallet.

One of the most common forms of scamming is phishing, which is when scammers create fake communities on Facebook or other websites that look similar to the authentic ones.

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You should only have to put your seed in once and then use password each time after that…not sure whats up…sounds like a browser cache issue maybe. Installing the desktop version is recommended :slight_smile:

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Oh good that you have this topic already discussed, now I don’t have to worry

Did you face the same problem?