Account script to block deposit of unwanted tokens

I’ve been thinking of a very simple way to avoid spam tokens
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to deploy an account script that only allows deposits from a given set of tokens waves?
As allow only waves, wct, bitcoin and wrt?
It’s possible?


Someone should issue a Waves platform token that you need in order to buy that script - I would pay a few Waves to help develop that

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currently account scripts are only checking outgoing transactions from its account

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Told me on the telegram that currently is not possible to do this :sob:

When will we sell these script coins?
How possible?

Well, you have to see the rules of the smart asset, but what I wanted was a smart account with rules that would only allow the entry of specific tokens

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i just must reply to that as well - i like the idea! BIG PLUS

So basically we need give team a proposal to extend smart account functionalities so it also checks for incoming transactions. With one script you could set a number of tokens you are allowing to accept which can be changed by you over time by deploying new id’s of the tokens (or even issuers, ie we could mark Waves teams issuer as identifier to allow receiving all tokens generated on that account. Also possible issuer could be a game developer providing gaming content as tangible tokens and etc).

Also it should be still possible to buy different tokens on DEX if you do it your self (and send them out later our self), so basically extend it to different type of transactions.

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Yeah, script coins are something of necessary these days

Spam coins are described as suspicious and arrive immediately in your spam section. All other coins you receive are Airdroped coins and NOT spam!
Just burn the coins you don’t like or send them back, or sell them or simply; ignore them. You can write to the waves support, if you think a coin is spam and report them.

Really? You want to pay to take out the trash that other people dumped on you?

I Just described the options. I personally ignore them :grin: and hold them maybe once they have a acceptable value and then i sell them. Spam tokens are immediately in the spam section, i don’t get noticed about them and they also don’t disturb me.

For all: Just because it’s a unknown token doesn’t mean it’s a scam or spam! Cool :sunglasses: down everybody!

We are just asking the question if there is any way to put on the Waves development roadmap an option to limit wallets from receiving mass transfers or for users to choose a setting whereby mass received tokens are automatically hidden in their wallet. I think we know you can ignore them but you still have to constantly navigate around them and wade through them to the tokens you actually want.

Just hide them. No problem.

Would be even useful here to have a “hide all” option. I have multiple wallets on multiple devices - hiding each unwanted token every time is a pain in the behind.