Activate sponsored transaction

i try to activate sponsored transection with this
import pywaves as pw

myAddress = pw.Address(privateKey=‘xxxxxxxxx’)
print(myAddress.sponsorAsset(‘Grj9ystUvoFhyvsdhscqqq4Y46NDXoySzz2d3zGNBkzW’, 100000 , txFee=pw.DEFAULT_SPONSOR_FEE, timestamp=0))

and it return like this
{‘type’: 14, ‘id’: ‘9shuhotpiNusm7RpkSuW9HdhiJFs4PVoRMzS8XakNKUC’, ‘sender’: ‘3PQLHUFggbnVsGUskMvaY5EggTdRSsrjcuA’, ‘senderPublicKey’: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘fee’: 100000000, ‘timestamp’: 1536400076996, ‘proofs’: [‘xxxxxxxxxxxxx’], ‘version’: 1, ‘assetId’: ‘Grj9ystUvoFhyvsdhscqqq4Y46NDXoySzz2d3zGNBkzW’, ‘minSponsoredAssetFee’: 100000}

i think it look like ok then i transfer my asset to another account and then transfer back but it charge my another account with waves

Do i did something wrong?

The Waves Client release with the support Sponsorship will be this week. It will be easier to do this thru the Client.

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This is a great news. Finally! :tada:

Nice news!!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I see it now, great news, at last!

Now, which Asset do some sponsorship?

I activated sponsorship on 2 tokens (ROAR and XPAND) yesterday.

Probably i have to set better the amount per transaction or maybe I’ll disable it.

The problem is that Waves price fluctuate so you haven’t a fixed conversion rate in FIAT i.e. in USD and to fix it every time costs 1 Waves.

Also I don’t like this condition:

You activated the sponsored transaction. You have free - 3 Waves, in orders - 5 Waves and in leasing - 10 Waves. As soon as 3 Waves run out, the active sponsored mode will use Waves from active (unfilled) orders. In this case, orders at the time of the matching will be canceled, since you will not have enough Waves to pay the order fee or to ensure an active order. As soon as all free Waves are used, the sponsored mode will be forcibly disabled.​

I suggest to allow users to decide the amount of Waves avaiable for sponsorship, i.e. allow to reserve a fixed amount of Waves for sponsorship.

sponsored transaction, whats that exactly? can an asset holder pay a certain amount of ways to make the asset transaction cost free?


Read this post:

And these documents:
Sponsored transaction
Sponsored fee

We are proudly to announce that sponsored transactions with Triplay token is active from today!

This facility is part of the development of our Triplay wallet … the next coming up launch from

Thanks to Waves’ blockchain developers!

so its possible that i pay 10 waves somewhere and then the chosen Asset’s next 10’000 transactions are free of costs?


Look at the image below.

  1. Fix the amount per transaction i.e. 0.000001 XPAND
  2. Pay 1 Waves to activate sponsorship. (It costs also 1 Waves to change or disable sponsorship)

When someone sends tokens and use your token to pay the transaction fee, he will pay 0.000001 XPAND that will be creditated to you, and Waves Platform will get 0.001 Waves from you.

You can’t decide to pay 10 Waves to “cover” 10,000 transactions or another amount. It depends by your Waves balance, because sponsorship will stop when it reaches 0 or you disable sponsorship.
If you want to fix 10 Waves, your account balance must be 10 Waves.

jes but that means i would have to distribute xpand among the wallets using my token

this would double total costs

i there could be aditional solutions

i could distribute waves regrding token holders

i could pay somewhere an amount of waves to make x amount transaction of asset y free

or i could pay somwhere waves to make x amount of transactions to adress z for free

i think all those possible options would be usefull and necessary sponsonring in the future.


Yes, you have to distribute or sell your tokens before. :smile:

The idea of Waves developers is to give your customers/traders the possibility to pay fees with your tokens.

why cant i just pay the fees directly and declere the token in my twitter to be freed from this and that fees?

without interacting with individual token holders, would also be useful to have that option


Ask to the developers :smile:

ok i did that here and now also in a formal topic