Add sponsored fees to data transactions

… The title says it all. Take for example, a single token app that creates data transactions

InvokeScriptTransaction has feeAssetId and it can do data changes.

Take a look:

For me, as invoke comes there is no reason for sponsored fees in data transactions.

You are saying rather than use a data transaction I should create a script to save the data and then invoke that script.

Is that not like saying there’s no point in data transactions?

Isn’t one of the unique things about waves the data transaction and it’s ease of use Vs something like ETH where a smart contract is needed for everything ?

For any scenario where an end user is creating data using their own key, a data transaction using sponsored fees makes sense. Otherwise you have to deal with ensuring all users have waves… the very thing sponsored transactions were designed to avoid.

You said “app”.

I do not see how anyone can create an app without some sort of blockchain scripting.

Can you provide an example, there all users of your app have access to data transactions without scripts?

There are many use cases. For example, a document hashing application, or any app that needs to save data to the blockchain.

Data transactions and sponsored fees both existed before scripting, and both were considered good features… For many years and at many meetups and videos waves has promoted that you can build a dApp and use data transactions without the need for scripting… why the turnaround?

“I do not see how anyone can create an app without some sort of blockchain scripting” So what did people do the last few years before you release scripting? Well, I was there, creating dApps from the start… without scripting!

How? Do you know what “d” in “dApps” means?

If you did dApps without scripting it was centralized apps for sure.

So i did not get an answer with single tokens apps examples.

The existance of feeAssetId for any transaction looks good for me, but i do not feel deprived in the current state of things.

The decentralisation status of an app is irrelevant to my suggestion. I build real world customers solutions on the waves blockchain…

The example app was an app that allows a user to hash a document and save it to the blockchain. With a data transaction this is 1 simple transaction… and the data appears onchain with the users key as data against the users address.

Anyway. I’m not going to argue with you. If you feel this is not necessary for the waves blockchain and you are the decision maker on what’s neccesary than so be it. I’ll find another way .

Not sure if i understand well since english isnt my primary langage but for exemple my webapp is a web wallet and a file certification tools, i definitelly would like being able to use sponsored fee for data transactions, its not convenient for users to have it available for type 4 tx but not type 12… My webapp dont use any blockchain scripting at the moment since all is well covered with data tx

I support your needs @theapplicationist , just clarifing things.

Ok, I’m happier now :rofl::smiley:

So does that mean its in the backlog? Or I need to do something, or PR it?