Address for BTC Gateway

hello everybody!

please, how can i get btc address from gateway waves btc? I need to show it to my client so he can send btc from his blockchain wallet to my asdf wallet.

use the coinomat api

My function in PHP:


function getBtcDepositAddress($wallet)
    if (false === ($tunnel_data = file_get_contents("$wallet")))
        return false;

    if (null === ($tunnel_data = json_decode($tunnel_data, true)))
        return false;

    if (true != $tunnel_data["ok"] || !isset($tunnel_data["tunnel_id"]) || !isset($tunnel_data["k1"]) || !isset($tunnel_data["k2"]))
        return false;

    if (false === ($deposit_address = file_get_contents("{$tunnel_data['tunnel_id']}&k1={$tunnel_data['k1']}&k2={$tunnel_data['k2']}&history=0&lang=ru_RU")))
        return false;

    if (null === ($deposit_address = json_decode($deposit_address, true)))
        return false;

    if (!isset($deposit_address["tunnel"]["wallet_from"]) || null === $deposit_address["tunnel"]["wallet_from"])
        return false;

    return $deposit_address["tunnel"]["wallet_from"];

echo getBtcDepositAddress("You wallet");